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What To Pack When Traveling By Bus

Planning Ahead and Organizing is Essential

There is no greater feeling than traveling with peace of mind. That’s why one of the first travel essentials is planning ahead. What better way to go and enjoy your trip and leaving all of the day-to-day worries and concerns behind? This service will allow you to do just that! Try it FREE for 14 days, then if you like it, choose the package that best fits your family and your budget!

Trustworthy is the Family Operating System™, an online service that helps modern families curate, manage, and optimize their important information – ID’s, Money, Property, Passwords, Insurance, Taxes, Legal, Emergency instructions and Family Archive.

Luggage/Small Tote Bag/Backpacks

While traveling light is useful for most trips, it’s especially important when taking the bus. We allow you to place bags under the bus, but you won’t have access to your luggage like this Samsonite Armage Spinner from eBags until we reach our destination.

Samsonite Armage Spinner

On board, you are allowed to bring a SMALL personal item, such as a backpack or large tote. Make sure to always store your valuables in the overhead bin and never leave it unattended.


Large Scarf or a Blanket

We try to regulate the AC so that everyone can be comfortable, however it can be a bit chilly at times, so it’s nice to have something to cover up with. A thin travel blanket is great, or a large scarf is a great substitute for a blanket. #ad

Games and Toys

Don’t forget to bring along great travel games. They can be played on the bus, taken into restaurants while waiting on your food, or to just about anywhere to pass the time while traveling, or waiting in line for your favorite attraction. #ad


It’s a well known among regular travelers that when we’re bored, we find the closest snack and binge, and that tends to happen when you’re on a road trip. Why is it that our stomachs seem to get hungrier during a long bus ride? So, stock up some of your favorites, tuck it away in your bag, and when you start to get restless, looking for something to do, reach inside and snack away!! #ad

Fanny Packs

Having a place for all of your odds and ends right in front of you is incredibly useful. Essentials can be kept separated & organized. Front pockets so women can easily store phones or other small things. FannyPacks are large enough for wallet, keys, ID cards, sunglasses, hand sanitizer etc. Inside zipper pockets keep your valuables out of sight for extra security. #ad