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As a traveler and owner of a charter bus company, I understand that travel insurance is more a need than a necessity. Most times, it is often easy to ignore its pros and cons except when you are in a fix and it occurs to you that ‘travel insurance’ is your only solution.

Whether you are planning a trip or tour for a group, traveling on a one-day trip with friends, or only traveling for multiple days on your own, suffice to say that travel insurance cannot be overlooked.  Obtaining travel insurance can be a hassle even when travel agents try to help you through it. Nevertheless, it is great to have it done without the middlemen if you must maximize your money and get a broader insurance policy for your trip.  No matter the nature of the trip, your travel insurance covers money and luggage.

Medical insurance – You must know by now that road accidents are a major threat to trips. Moreover, road accidents are frequently the reasons for medical evacuations. In the event of accidents, diseases, or illnesses, travel insurance covers your medical expenses such as out-patient treatments, hospitals, medication. And if it makes any difference, you must know that the denomination of medical insurance is foreign currency.

Meanwhile, there may be exclusions in the insurance policy. Thus, jettison any thoughts of cliff diving during your trip because this ‘hazardous pursuit’ is not covered by insurance.

Personal liability – Sometimes, you may hurt someone or damage their property during an altercation. Bear in mind that travel insurance is so broad that it covers this instance except in extreme cases.

Legal – Although this is uncommon, personal liability or accident may incur legal expenses. Travel insurance covers a fraction of the cost as well.

Personal possessions – Passports, money, and luggage are personal effects that fall under the category of travel insurance policy. While there are limits on the coverage, it means that compensation for stolen or lost items may not be guaranteed. But you will receive a replacement for stolen tickets or passports.

Insurance coverage is of different natures. A few examples arebTravel Medical Insurance, Travel Medical healthcare insurance, and so on. Be it a leisure or venture trip insurance, there are many reasons to be insured against uncertainties. In simple words, it protects your physical fitness, possessions, and wellness. And before you know it, you are a few blocks away from having a memorable trip.

Decades ago, travel insurance was merely a luxury. Since the moment a few travelers began to comprehend the variables that may occur during a trip such as evacuation, unforeseen emergencies, and trip cancellations, travel insurance has become a major deal for trip management.